70 Bands Showcasing Killer Female Talent – Part 1

Image courtesy of Daisy Catterall at Keep Brave zine.

Author: MelodyMenu

Following on from my essay with Catalogue Magazine, ‘Adventures in A&R – Girls To The Front’, here is the first of seventy incredible bands showcasing female talent that I came across during a year’s working in A&R. There is no particular order to this list – it’s more of a hodgepodge of signed and unsigned bands of the last few years that completely changed the way I thought about women in rock music. Better yet, this list also forms the bulk of my favourite bands that I came across in that time – regardless of gender – and I’m telling you, it has been so great to revisit these tracks.

I’ll be posting ten bands a week every Friday, so be sure to check back for more.

Where best to start celebrating female talent than with the colourful melodies of Hazel English? Originally from Sydney, Hazel moved to Oakland, California to follow her dreams of writing and making music. The result is resonant, dreamy pop with killer hooks. Even better, she’ll be releasing her first two released Just Give In/Never Going Home as a double EP next week on Friday May 12!

Ian Sweet make fun and chimey guitar music out of New York that pair pop hooks with pure, glittering chaos.

Emma Ruth Rundle takes a different turn, cathartic and tortured vocals and some serious shredding make for an incredible and unsettling listen.

For gorgeous pop gems and gritty rock n roll out of Sydney, check out Library Siesta (Aus) – now with an exciting new lineup coming to a venue near you.

As the name suggests, Fazerdaze (NZ) make hazy and ethereal music that worms its way into your mind.

Morning TV (Aus) turn sunshine into songs. Just try not to smile.

Get into some lo-fi jangle from Melbournites IV League (Aus), touring right now with Ali Barter.

A study in contrasts, Atlanta-based Warehouse pair sweet-sounding guitar riffs with guttural, unflinching vocals.

London-based singer-songwriter Rozi Plain spins down-to-Earth yarns around intricate alternative-folk stylings.

Another Brooklynite, Yohuna crafts radiant yet languished synthy soundscapes.

Read the full feature ‘We’re Sourcing 70 Female Artists Because No One Wants to Come to Your Male Majority Shows’ at Catalogue Magazine here.

And the blog post here.

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