70 Bands Showcasing Killer Female Talent – Part 3

Image: Julie Byrne – supplied.

Author: MelodyMenu

Ten bands showcasing killer female talent – folk-tinged edition. From dulcet acoustica and calming melodies to more unsettling and uproarious types. An inspired selection from bands and musicians along the folk spectrum, or just simply borrowing ideas from the genre and running with them.

Julie Byrne’s new album is of a calming, meditative nature. The breezy single ‘Natural Blue’ is like the entwining of many orchestral strings, all attuned to Byrne’s devotional fingerpicking. Centring around Bryne’s voice and acoustic guitar, the album is at once lush and sparse and filled with delicate hymns.

Vancouver-based Ashley Shadow, aptly-named for her hazy vocals, layers heavy guitar elements over kindred folk stylings.

Fellow Canadian Basia Bulat makes distinctly more upbeat numbers – the multi-instrumentalist crafting pop songs for her folk-inspired vocals to glide over.

Mystical and resonant release from Julia R. Anderson (Aus) out of Brisbane, articulating a delightful discordance mid-way through.

Brand-new bright-blue single from Clea (Aus) also from Brisbane, swirling folksy sensibilities with colourful guitar hooks.

From the release of their new EP, the Paris-via-Philedelphia group The Dove and The Wolf have this little softly-spoken and sparkling gem to share.

A haunting tune from Maria Taylor’s sixth solo album resplendent with shining harmonies.

Meg Duffy’s New York incarnation Hand Habits form brooding and introspective songs backed by blistering guitar solos.

Thelma commands atmospheric tracks with the lilting rise and fall of her rich and expressive vocals. Go on, you deserve more.

At times warm and comforting, at others expansive and chilling, the songs of Aldous Harding (NZ) are always honest and affecting. Her new album Party is also out today!

More information in the essay ‘Adventures in A&R – Girls To The Front’ here.

And the full feature at Catalogue Magazine here.

What was your favourite track?

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