70 Bands Showcasing Killer Female Talent – Part 7

Image: Mere Women by Jaclyn Paterson.

Author: MelodyMenu

Here we are at the final installment of the list – 70 bands, 70+ killer women making inspiring music. I sourced the bulk of this list through working a year in A&R, an opportunity that rewired my brain to the sheer scope of female talent in music where I had previously been made to think that there was little to no spotlight for women. This experience I documented in a feature for Catalogue magazine and in the blog, here. It’s been an incredibly insightful and inspiring journey creating and collating this list. I’ve learned a lot. Upcoming bands that last year appeared to be gaining momentum and thriving, had since folded in the time that I had started the list, and so I sought out new ones. The result is an improved and energised list, brimming with forthcoming releases and inspiring stories for your eyes and ears.

This week is a celebration of local talent from all over Australia, because there’s no better place to look for inspiration in the arts than in your own backyard. Then, when you’re done, the brilliant and passionate minds at Fridge Feed have curated a list of 10 Bonus Bands Showcasing Killer Female Talent – bringing us up to 80 incredible bands featuring the awesome and hardworking female talent in music from all around the world. Each and every one of the artists on this list prove that there is so much killer talent in music across a spectrum of genders, if only you just look deeper.

Brisbane band Major Leagues’ new track is full of bright melodies and the cheeky bounce of percussion – all stylish jangle to get you grooving. Their debut full-length is a mix of DIY ethos with squeaky-clean production resulting in glittering indie pop – and is out today! You can also catch their shining sounds in a town near you this August.


Local favourites Body Type have been cropping up all over the place with their signature swirling lo fi soundscapes. Catch them on the Sydney and Wollongong legs of Major Leagues’ album tour.


Psychedelic mix from local group SUIIX that is affecting to the point of unsettling.


Stunning debut single from fellow Sydneysiders E For Echo shows a love of circular harmonies; tight coils wrapped around the song that get tangled in your brain.


Effortlessly-cool Noire are the high fashion of local music. Get lost in their atmospheric grooves.


Dusky number from Melbourne four-piece Jade Imagine that is equal parts laid-back indie rock with searing guitars.


Raw, cathartic and at once entirely polished and fully-formed – an impressive folk-inspired debut single from Perth’s Stella Donnelly.


Palm Springs out of Melbourne make country-tinged and rousing rock music.


Hobart darlings Heart Beach are currently touring throughout Canada with their bright and crackling ocean pop.


Sydney-based Mere Women’s brand-new track is as harrowing as it is dynamic, with added bass plunging the band to a newfound depth. Their new album is out today and they’ll be touring in late-June.

For all the details, read ‘Adventures in A&R – Girls To The Front’ here.

And the full feature at Catalogue Magazine here.

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