Single Premiere: Majestic Horses, ‘Destroy Everything’

Cover art courtesy of Majestic Horses.

Author: Melody Menu

In just under two minutes, Majestic Horses manage to sum up the inherent dysfunction found within contemporary society – that of political contradiction and sheer economic divide – all within the confines of a bright and metallic pop song. An experiment in interstate musical madness, the group features Kellie Lloyd of Screamfeeder and Deafcult, Kate Wilson of The Holy Soul, and Andrew P Street of Undecided and Career Girls, combining their pop punk tendencies – and airfares – to make music that Kellie best describes as ‘angry without being aggressive, political without being preachy and feminist with no apologies.’

The group was born out of previous collaborations, with Kate regularly playing drums for Kellie when the latter came to Sydney from Brisbane to play shows. With the two occasionally jamming, Andrew spied an opportunity: ‘Andrew P Street started sending me messages saying we ABSOLUTELY NEEDED him to play bass with us and so we had a practice when I was next in Sydney with two shows lined up. Andrew not long ago relocated to his home town of Adelaide, so now we’re a tri-state band and decided that it only made sense that we would record in neutral territory. So Hobart, naturally.’

In a climate where distrust in the system is par for the course, the aptly-named ‘Destroy Everything’ makes sense; a rejection of apathy in favour of informed opinion and radical change. ‘It’s a fun, bratty punk pop song commenting on the need to destroy everything metaphorically (and maybe physically) to fix systematic dysfunction of our society. We are at Peak Consumerism and Peak Capitalism [and] none of it works wholly anymore, it all favours the rich and powerful.’

‘I just feel like there is no quick fix except to set fire to it all and start again.’

All of the proceeds from the track will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, with the Centre’s important work being close to the band’s collective heart, being a means to enact real change. ‘The work they do is invaluable and our Government fails to provide adequate resources for refugees already living in the community, so charity, private sectors and individuals have to pick up the slack. All of us in the band have day jobs, we come from a place of privilege; it’s our obligation to help. We want to donate the money raised because we believe in the work the ASRC does and want to help them raise awareness and advocate for refugees and those seeking asylum.’


‘Destroy Everything’ is out now through Bandcamp, with all proceeds from the track to be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

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