NOIRE Photo Diary: South By South West And Beyond

All images and captions by Jessica Mincher/NOIRE.

The sounds of Gympie-via-Sydney band NOIRE show a flair for stylish and affecting songwriting, with a mesmerising aesthetic to match. From their atmospheric and evocative debut album Some Kind Of Blue, to the Lynchian dreamscapes of their film clips, it’s no wonder that their photographic journey through the United States is so captivating. Here, we follow the first-time air travel with their little one Harper, canvas the suburban charm of Austin during festival season, and travel the length and breadth of California to witness the staggering beauty of Yosemite National Park. Like their songs, NOIRE’s photo diary not only captures the essence of a place, but invites you deep into their journey.

Harper’s first international flight – we were those people on the plane with a baby. Thankfully he slept most of the way.
Will never be as tired as having a jet-lagged baby who wants to play ‘till 3am. Thankfully there was good coffee.
Still up all night, morning coffee at Thunderbird Café before heading to downtown Austin for our first show at SXSW.
One of the beautiful stages we played at the Continental Club in Houston for Down Under Sounds.
Backstage at The Continental Club, where we got to play with some wonderful Australian bands including The Pinheads, Moonlover and Quivers. Ate the best Tacos we’ve ever had at the joint next door.
Billy at Australia House at SXSW. Huge thank you to the team at Sounds Australia for being so lovely to us and lending us gear.
A standard brekky in our beaut RV.
First stop on the road trip was the Cabazon Dinosaurs on our way to Palm Springs.
Harper, obviously terrified.
Superbloom in Palm Springs. We did so many lovely walks while we were there.
Swimming and trekking through the Indian Canyon, Palm Springs.
We were lucky to see John Gerrard’s ‘Western Flag’ installation in Palm Springs.
Driving through Joshua Tree.
Our RV in Joshua Tree. We camped out on BLM land, where you could stay for free and woke up with no-one else around us, in the middle of the desert.
“Don’t talk to me or my son, ever again.”
Dusk at Joshua Tree on the Hidden Valley walk.
Took a drive up to Pioneertown to check out Pappy & Harriet’s.
More Joshua Tree because we couldn’t get enough of it.
My wonderful sister Montana who came with us (along with my Mum) to help look after Harper while we played our shows.
Poppy Reserve and Antelope Valley.
The colours were so beautiful.
Somewhere along the way to Yosemite.
Took Harper to see snow for the first time in beautiful Yosemite.
Yosemite from the Tunnel View lookout.
Back in LA for our last sunset before we headed home.

See more of the sights and sounds of NOIRE here.

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