Video Premiere: Majestic Horses, ‘Call You Out’

Image: Majestic Horses – supplied.

Author: Melody Menu

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Kellie Lloyd has upped her game. From her origins playing bass in Screamfeeder, to joining Deafcult, and releasing three solo albums, Lloyd has another project to share in interstate three-piece Majestic Horses. Consisting of herself, Kate Wilson of The Holy Soul and Sachet and Andrew P Street of Career Girls and Undecided, the trio have just signed with label Kasumuen Records; announced the release of their debut full-length album; and all in time for an apt support slot with shoegaze legends Swervedriver.

‘Call You Out’ captures a mood known to many, where in conversation you come across problematic behaviour or language. Whether meant as a supposed joke, or otherwise offhand, you are stuck – in between a potentially ugly encounter of addressing the behaviour publicly, or enabling continued behaviours through silence and lack of action. Here, with the aid of distorted guitars and an equally dreamy film clip, Lloyd emphasises the role of the responder and the emotional labour of the encounter ‘it doesn’t mean you won’t say it again / will you ever learn?’

Lloyd says: “This song is a bit of a reflection of when we call people out – sometimes it requires the ‘call in’ aspect too. To me, it’s not a linear story or about any one thing, it’s a collection of thoughts around a few interactions, noticing how people talk to each other, people just making statements on the internet without listening to responses. I feel like people who call each other out on the internet especially don’t think about what their calling out doesn’t do. It won’t change people’s behaviour; you’re not going to change someone’s mind. At the end of the day, this is a response to seeing people calling out, complaining, accusing without listening to the reply.”

Equally compelling is the accompanying film clip, a psychedelic mish mash that complements the song’s washes of colour. Directed and edited by Lloyd with filming and assistance from Tim Steward and Tobias Broughton, it depicts Lloyd playing guitar in the foreground, overlaid with live footage of the band and swirling, psychedelic projections. “The video came from the geographical restrictions of our band, we only all get together for gigs, so the band footage is from our gig at Sonic Masala in Brisbane. I love the chaotic nature of the layers; you don’t know what’s live or projection at some points.”

Where debut single ‘Destroy Everything’ was punchy politi-power pop, ‘Call You Out’ is more refined, prefacing a variety of moods within their upcoming debut album, Away From The Sun. A study in style and atmosphere, the album showcases the combined efforts of Lloyd, Wilson and Street, to make for sun-drenched and melodic indie-rock with a message.

Majestic Horses will play with Swervedriver and Screamfeeder at The Zoo in Brisbane on Saturday September 21. More info here.

Majestic Horses will then launch their new single at The Old Bar in Melbourne with Shepparton Airplane. More info here.

Their debut album Away From The Sun will be available on Thursday October 24, pre-order it through Kasumuen Records now.

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